We are considering building a new home.  How do we start?

The fact that you are at this site is a good start.  Interview three to four architects. Personality compatibility, experience, and client referrals should be the top considerations when choosing your architect. The AIA web site has a list of questions to ask to assist you during the interview.

Do you have more than one office location in Brielle?

We do not.  Melillo Architecture is located on Higgins Ave. in Brielle.  Melillo and Bauer (no affiliation) are landscape architects located on Rt. 71 in Brielle.

Is your firm familiar with Flood Zones and Flood Zone Regulations?  

Yes.  The majority of our projects are located in Flood Zones.  We have assisted communities in rewriting their ordinances when the Flood Maps were revised after Superstorm Sandy.

If we choose Melillo Architecture, what is the process?

We will first meet to discuss issues that will affect the design such as site constraints, budget requirements, program requirements and architectural style.

We will then produce preliminary floor plans and elevation sketches to establish your design. Through a series of drawing review meetings and subsequent revisions, we refine the drawings. During this time we will also be discussing architectural details, finishes, lighting layouts, material specifications, etc. We have an extensive checklist of items to review. The end result will be that we have created together, the overall design you have envisioned. Our process is further explained on this website under the “Our Process” tab.

New Picture (3) How long does this take?

The timeframe depends on the size of the project, the number of  refinements,  and client review time. Generally, the Preliminary Design and  Design Development Phases, as described, is approximately four to five months.

 Once the preliminary design is approved, how long does the  Construction Document phase take?

Approximately six to eight weeks.  Therefore, the overall timeframe for the architectural process is approximately seven months.


OK, once you’ve completed the construction drawings, what’s next?

It’s time to select a contractor. Actually, you should have your initial meetings with contractors shortly after the preliminary design is complete. Although no contractor will present a formal bid to you based on preliminary drawings, meeting with contractors at that time will establish a short list prior to the completion of the construction drawings.

New Picture Are there contractors that you’ve worked with that you could recommend?

Yes, although I encourage clients to supplement the list with contractors of their choice.  Expect the bidding process to take around four weeks.

 So, now I’ve selected my contractor, when does construction start?

The contractor completes the application for the building permit and files it with the local  building department. Review time, depending on the town varies, but generally takes from  four to eight weeks.

How do you base your fees?

Fees are not based on percentage of your construction costs. Fees are based on the scope and scale of a project. Level of detailing, porches, decks and garage size, etc., all contribute to the scope and scale of the Project.

Are there any additional fees? 

New Picture (1)

The project program will be discussed during the initial consultation. Work progress consistent with the original project program will not incur additional fees.

Our definition of basic services and what would be considered additional services are clearly outlined in our Owner/Architect agreement, which will be sent to you approximately one week after our initial consultation.

Why should we choose Melillo Architecture?

When we meet, you will see that I’m as passionate about architecture as I was thirty five years ago.  I am directly involved with clients through all phases of the process.

Other than your passion for your profession, what more do you offer?

Experience.  As I mentioned, I’ve been practicing architecture for over thirty five years.  I have a well- established working relationship with most communities in northern Ocean and Southern Monmouth counties.

The end product.  The detailed set of Construction Documents we provide translates to more accurate contractor bidding and lessens the chance of unforeseen extras during construction.

Thank you, Mike. When can we meet with you?

Kim, our office manager, will schedule our meeting and provide you with a list of client referrals, if you wish.

Thank you for considering Melillo Architecture.